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Who are our clients?

An interesting question, in view of the huge variety of organisations in our client base, ranging from ICT companies, accountancy firms, manufacturing and retail businesses through to leasing companies and government agencies. Pretty impressive we think, but not really surprising because of the way our ParcisPoints scheme is designed to be adaptable to any organisation's needs. We have set out a few practical examples below. The straightforward structure of our savings schemes means that combining them can lead to positive synergistic effects.


One powerful aspect of our savings scheme is the support we offer to Fleet Managers and also to staff members saving on fuel costs. There are two areas where savings are possible, refuelling behaviour and driving behaviour.

Refuelling behaviour

We compare the pump price paid by the staff member with the average fuel price for the day. The comparison will encourage drivers to actively seek out sources of cheaper fuel. We support them in their search with a mobile application for smartphones: the Fuel Locator.

Driving behaviour

The staff member's fuel consumption is compared to the TNO Travelcard standard figure. This comparison actively encourages a more economical driving style. The employer's appreciation of the lower fuel consumption takes a very tangible form.


Both refuelling behaviour and driving behaviour are continuously monitored. The Fleet Manager and the staff member can view the results online. The data is also periodically sent to the manager and the employees via e-mail, by text and by webapp.


Savings of as much as 8% can be achieved by changing driving and refuelling behaviour with ParcisPoints4Fuel.


The power of our savings scheme lies in the support we offer to retailers, by means of increased customer satisfaction . ParcisPoints4Retail results in increased frequency of visits and a rise in repeat purchases thanks to attractive offers to customers, with increased turnover and revenue as outcomes. Retailer Associations and the Local Authorities back this scheme and the useful combination of physical and online shopping experiences it facilitates.

Business case

What can you save with ParcisPoints4Fuel?

An extensive pilot study found average savings of €240 per vehicle per year, with savings exceeding €950 in certain cases. 80% of the saving came from driving behaviour and 20% from refuelling behaviour. Our pilot showed that the ParcisPoints4Fuel savings programme leads to significantly different, more economical driving and refuelling behaviour. Savings of up to 8% are easily achievable through ParcisPoints4Fuel.

The following example shows what that can deliver for you:

Suppose the fuel costs per vehicle per month are:

  • For petrol, € 250 per vehicle per month (30,000 kilometres/year)
  • For diesel, € 225 per vehicle per month (40,000 kilometres/year)

For a fleet of 110 petrol vehicles and 90 diesel vehicles, the monthly fuel costs are:

  • 110 petrol vehicles x € 250 = € 27,500
  • 90 diesel vehicles x € 225 = € 20,250

The total monthly fuel costs are therefore €47,750.

What do you save?

Savings of as much as 8% can be achieved by changing driving and refuelling behaviour with ParcisPoints4Fuel. That equates to a monthly saving of €3,820 (8% of €47,750), or €45,840 annually.


The power of our savings scheme lies in the support we offer to organisations managing their own vehicle fleet and/or using lease vehicles. However this is organised (a few vehicles or a large fleet, via contracts with several different leasing companies) ParcisPoints4Lease delivers savings and provides a comprehensive overview of your situation.


Organisations are increasingly ensuring that their employees' expertise is kept up to the mark by offering e-learning modules, which are often studied partly or wholly in the employee's own time. It can often be difficult to accurately establish the current level of expertise within an organisation. ParcisPoints4Educa provides an understanding of the situation. We are developing our series of e-learning modules for the ParcisPoints scheme in collaboration with e-learning specialists from Pirl (Personalised, Interactive, Reflective Learning). ParcisPoints4Educa encourages staff to complete the e-learning modules offered by their organisation on time. We can make learning a fun process, encouraging staff to make a start and to meet the specified completion times and deadlines. Staff are rewarded for their efforts with ParcisPoints, and their compliance with the study timetable and learning objectives specified by the organisation can be tracked and monitored.


The power of our savings scheme lies in the support we offer to organisations wishing to get a firm grip on their use of telecommunications. What equipment is in circulation, when do subscriptions expire? How efficiently is the equipment being used? Questions like these are easy to answer with this savings scheme, which of course also rewards the staff member for economical behaviour.


A visit to the ParcisStore can be quite an event. The gifts on offer are not to be sniffed at: how about a smart new espresso machine, a tea set, a bike or an iPad? Save ParcisPoints and gifts like these will soon be within reach. And no need to worry if you haven't yet saved enough points for something you really want: you can get it now by making a top-up payment via iDeal. Quick, convenient and customer-friendly!


Many people see saving ParcisPoints as a sport in itself. The competitive element is boosted by the Battles organised every quarter by RegoParcis. How does your saving behaviour score against your colleagues' efforts? Competition makes for fun, and that leads to greater behavioural awareness. And of course there are all those great prizes to be won!

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