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LoveLoyals; shopping sustainably!

Does this sound familiar? A potential customer walks into your shop, looks around for a moment and glances at your products. You ask friendly ‘Can I help you?’ The potential customer shakes his or her head and leaves your shop without buying anything.

Maybe this person buys your products that very same day in another shop, searching for the true experience. Chances are even bigger that this customer orders your product somewhere else online, purely and solely based on the lowest price without any quality guarantee or personal contact. He or she wanted to see the product at your shop but does not feel any loyalty to you.

Cheer up: You’re not the only one. More and more shopkeepers are faced with decreasing sales figures or even experience heavy storms despite all their efforts to bind customers by means of fantastic offers, promotions and advertisements. The question is: Can we turn the tide? If so, what would be the solution?

De kracht van

LoveLoyals beloont frequent bezoek en besteding en zo kunt u richtinggevend sturen

Elke denkbare positieve actie wordt beloond met LoveLoyals-spaarpunten

Het systeem blinkt uit in gebruiksgemak, zowel voor de klant als voor u!

U weet zich - van winkelier tot fleetowner - met onze ondersteuning te onderscheiden

Elke individuele deelnemer voelt zich weer koning!

We’ve found the answer!

We have been considering this matter for some time and we have found the answer that will be the turnaround for you! No daydreaming, no one-day-fly, but a unique, thought-out and tried and tested concept. This concept has demonstrated its value in many areas. Our record of accomplishment demonstrates the effectiveness of our concept!

Our record of accomplishment? Powered by RegoParcis!

About a decade ago, RegoParcis started as a specialist in flexible, facilitative support for the automotive and telecoms sectors. Ever since, RegoParcis has seen groundbreaking development. The focus has shifted from purely management and providing a full-service solution towards raising awareness and encouraging desirable, sustainable behaviour. Our unique ParcisPoints system offers a customized and user-friendly solution to create greater awareness in dealing with resources in a more sustainable way.

Do you want to learn what LoveLoyals can do for you?
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Convenience is the name of the game

The system does not offer user-friendliness to customers only, but also to you. Rewarding regular customers, promotions, cashing in online and onsite credits? LoveLoyals resolves it all. You can count on our solid support, including marketing, tailored to your shop. No complicated issues; every day we offer you, as shopkeeper, and your customers, simplicity, convenience and details. Thanks to LoveLoyals, your customers will feel King again, online as well as onsite, and you will see the results! Increasing the experience, to feel appreciated and rewarded as regular customer leads to lasting loyalty.

Collaboration to create high-profile reputation

Online saving and spending at every affiliated shopkeeper, how does this affect your business? Are your customers going to spend the credits saved with you? We sure hope so! Because your colleagues’ customers will also set their sights to you!
Our loyalty concept is based on the enormous cross-pollination that will lift the individual participant to a higher standard because numerous shopkeepers are collaborating with each other. Our concept deploys the collaboration and all ensuing possibilities. Shopkeepers’ associations and municipalities can enhance the supply of shops and ensure a good combination of onsite and online shopping experience in their area.

LoveLoyals demonstrates its value in many fields:

  • LoveLoyals rewards frequent visits and purchases
  • The system is outstanding in user-friendliness, for your customers as well as for you!
  • You, as shopkeeper, will set yourself apart with our support.
  • The customers feel King again at your shop!
Especially for the retail business, we, as a specialist in savings schemes and loyalty concepts, developed LoveLoyals; a full-service loyalty concept focusing on awareness and high-profile reputation. LoveLoyals demonstrates itself in two areas: You, as shopkeeper set yourselves apart with our support, and the customers feel King again! We deploy LoveLoyals to reward frequent visits and purchases via a system, outstanding in user-friendliness for your customer as well as for you. What is the strength of this concept and what makes it stand out from the others?
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