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RegoParcis was founded by Antoine Hegeman. The business was launched under his leadership around a decade ago, specialising in flexible facilitative support for the automotive and telecoms sectors.

In the succeeding years RegoParcis has seen phenomenal development. The focus has increasingly shifted from pure management towards systems to raise awareness and encourage desirable, sustainable behaviour.

A commitment to sustainability was a logical step for RegoParcis. Antoine Hegeman: "It all fits within our vision: we want to see all the talk about sustainability converted into practical concrete solutions. The organisations we serve will still be in control, but with the advantage of all the facilities RegoParcis have to offer. Our unique ParcisPoints system offers a user-friendly, ready-to-use solution for dealing in a more conscious and sustainable way with resources, whether you are talking about lease cars, smartphones or e-learning modules. Organisations benefit from lower costs while their customers are rewarded for their loyalty and their staff for their efforts. The best way to encourage awareness is to create a win-win situation for everyone involved.

What we offer isn't complex, it's all about raising awareness and achieving savings with simplicity, ease and manageability. The ParcisPoints system doesn't just mean profit for the organisation and the staff member or customer, in the long run everyone benefits. That's real sustainability!

Antoine Hegeman has the support and assistance of a strong and highly motivated team. Antoine Hegeman: “We have experts in all disciplines in-house, programmers, marketing, sales and support staff, equipping us to deliver with energy and innovation. We are growing year on year, we now have a workforce of 15 and clients in retail, accountancy, ICT, law, the automotive industries and governmental and quasi-governmental agencies.’

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